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Lazy- that's me :) I really hate updating these homepages.
We have a new girl at home; her name is Karma (Torma Bucnovaska) from Slovenia. She is co-owned with kennel Hanumila's. Karma is a super girl; very athletic, healthy structure, always happy but a great guardian when she is at the fenced area. Thank you very much for Karma's breeder Ursa for such a great girl!

Last year we have been entering only few dog shows; Karma got her first CAC at autumn in Seinäjoki INT dog show and Remu was honored by the title BEST VETERAN TIBETAN MASTIFF 2015! Remu is still in excellent shape, although he comes 12 this autumn! His granddaughter Lumo was BEST TIBETAN MASTIFF 2015, so it must run in a family! Both healthy working dogs. Nothing too much! I'm sad to witness at nowadays in dogshows and at breeders everywhere in the world breed horrible looking, sick looking dogs who wouldn't survive at the mountains. Too much loose skin, too much fur, too heavy structure and not an healthy looking movements.. Hopefully we are not loosing the original do-khyi type. I think that the best way to look at this "famous" new type is that there are not any veteran dogs that are this heavier type. Either the dogs die before they turn 10 or the dogs cannot move properly at that age. Which is sad, since tibetan mastiffs are known for their long live, as for other tibetan breeds. Something to think about!


I've done everything else but not updated my homepage.But it's so much more fun to walk along the fields and forests with dogs than sit inside and watch computer.
A lot has happened in a 2 years. Last summer we had to say goodbye to our beloved gsd Topi, who died suddenly 7.6.2013. He had bloat and we had no other option than say goodbye for him at week before his 11th birthday.
And this summer we had to say goodbye to Emperor Tessu, who was put to sleep 13.8.2014 at the age of 11 years and 4 months. He didn't have any specific reason, he just started to fade away and I had already decide that we would let him go when he still is in reasonable shape. All our family is missing him so much.
Thank you both great guys, we will always remember you <3


Birthdays continue; today we celebrate our German Shepherd Topi's 10th birthday!!
We've entered couple of dog shows this spring; our specialty PR OPEN VG, Remu CH VG and Tessu VET EXC2, CK. We also took trip to Tallinn, Estonia to enter big tm specialty! Ronja would have made a great result there :) PR OPEN VG, Tessu VET EXC2, CK and he became in top 10 at BM ring!
Tessu got us all really frightened couple weeks ago since he had eaten plastic tube and vet had to make a real big surgery for him to save his life. He's getting better now and we are very happy to keep him still with us.
There are also some new photos of Liina (A-Mtshar). She is really beautiful girl and if she wouldn't have underbite I would have used her for mating! Her character is also super :)


TODAY WE ARE CELEBRATING TESSU'S 9TH BIRTHDAY!! Some new photos of him at the gallery.
On Sunday Remu and PR took part of Finnish Tibetan Mastiff Club's organised MH-test. Both boys behaved suprizingly well and even PR didn't run away. Results from these test are coming later on to Koiranet.
We are wishing to all joyful Easter!


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all my A-litter puppies who turns 2 years today!! Ruffa to Sweden, Lillith to Norway and Mökö, Aku, Liina and PR to Finland. Many thanks to their owners for keeping such a good care of these little monsters :)
In Memoriam also Aman who died due to rat poisoning at the age of 8 months.

B-litte'sr only puppy Myy moved to her new home and has turned out to be a real energetic and happy little girl!


Happy New Year 2012!!
A lot has happened since December. Opening results came back from golden girl and luckily there were nothing else wrong with her than lip and gum split. This is very good result, since now we don't have to worry over black female. Black girl is called Myy and she really it totally black and huge puppy. You can see her latest photos from gallery.
PR attented to Lahti dog show and got INT VG3. He's got long legs but no body yet :)
We've been going into forest with dogs but since PR has lost his ears, he's no on the leash and others can run free. Luckily we've got big fenced area and there he can play with Tessu and Ronja. Remu isn't with them, since he doesn't get along with PR.
At the gallery there are photos of all dogs.
Last I would like to send my warmest regards to Monika, who had to give up for her beloved Asti. Hugs to whole family!


All doesn't go every time as we were planned for. Vet had to make C-section to Silver 18th December due too big puppy and suprise was big when there were only 2 puppies: black female and golden (dilute) female. We got more worried when we discover that golden female had split lips. Although we consulted surgeons & dental specialist and they all thought that it was only minor damage in the lip we got more worried since weight of the puppy didn't grew as it should have been. Vet had to put little puppy to sleep at 22th December and we send it straight to Evira for opening :( Results come later on. Big black puppy is growing very fast, too fast and he and Silver are doing fine. Big thanks to Elina for taking care of puppies.

PR entered Helsinki Winner 3.12. and he got INT EXC2. Again he behaved very well in and outside ring.
Merry Christmas to all and remember to take care of your pets too! Today is also Ronja's birthday, wishing a happy birthday to our black monster :)


Silver is pregnant and we are happy to say that little, laughing tm puppies will be born at week 50! Colors of the litter will be black & tan, golden and perhaps blue & tan. I'm also searching co-owner for a female puppy from nearby.
Mökö's (A-Tsi) x-ray results finally showed up from FKK: he has B/B hips and 0/0 elbows. Congratulations to Mökö's family and of course big teaddybear himself!

PR was attending at Jyväskylä INT dog show last weekend. On Saturday we had tm breeder and judge from Ireland, Wesley McCrum and PR got INT EXC2. On Sunday we had Dagmar Klein from Romania and PR got INT EXC1, CK. Best was PR's behavior although he likes to do some tricks at the ring. It was also nice to have few words with Wes after the ring about Tibetan Mastiffs :)


A lot has happened since last update. Boys from A-litter had their x-ray for hips, elbows and back. PR (A-Kar) had A/A hips, 0/0 elbows and normal back. Aku (A-Nu-Na) had C/B hips, 1/0 elbows and excellent back. We are still waiting for results for Mökö (A-Tsi) from Finnish Kennelclub.

Tessu was mated with Apsara Barkhu couple of weeks ago. Puppies are expected to be born at kennel Hanumila's at week 49.
And we are hoping to have puppies at our own with Lochan Silver "Silver" (blue & tan) and Remu. More info for this litter will come in a couple of weeks. Puppies are expected to be born at week 51 with black & tan, golden and possible blue & tan. Ultrasound is at November, after that we will know if we are really having furry and laughing puppies as the parents are :)


All dogs have shedded their fur and some are getting new, warmer for the winter. We've been in couple of dog shows, latest was on Sunday with PR. With totally naked, body not even half ready he had INT EXC1 and behaved again excellent. He's super :)


It's very hot and dogs are shedding at the moment very much.
PR's bad luck continues and he's at the sick leave until autumn. He hurt his eye and we are hoping that we can continue dog shows at the autumn.
Tessu on the other hand has been very successful at this spring's dog shows. We've entered at Vaasa INT (bm3), Lappeenranta INT (bm2), Varkaus (bm1) and Mänttä (bm2). He has had placing every time at best male ring and has been BOB-VETERAN at every show. And at Varkaus he was also BOB. Congratulations to veteran Tessu.
Wishing a warm summer with your dogs and take care of your dogs when it's hot!


I've had pleasure to meet almost every puppy from last litter these past few weeks. It's been wonderful to see how they all have grown up and you can find new photos almost every section of photo gallery! We had official eye and knee examination this week for 4 puppies and parents. There were couple of total clear papers, couple had few extra eyelashes and 2 possible entropion. All puppies had health knees. Many thanks to all puppy owners that they came and made these examinations.

We are going to go to few dog shows at this spring with PR. Finnish Tibetan Mastiff specialty were held at 12th of March at Hausjärvi. Judge was Mrs Marija Kavcic from Slovenia. PR behaved really good with JUN EXC4 and Tessu CH EXC3, SA.
Have a sunny spring time with your tibetan mastiffs!


Happy new year to all! It's been so busy last few months that I haven't had any time to update my homepage. Dogs have been enjoying this winter very much. We've had a lot of snow and very cold. They love it!
PR and I were at Helsinki INT dog show 11.-12.12.2010. On Saturday, Helsinki Winner-10, judge was slovenian Stefan Stefik and PR got JUN VG2. I was very happy for his behavior. On Sunday there was finnish judge Marianne Holm and it was Finnish Winner 2010 competition. 26 dogs were entered to that show. PR suprised us all for his excellent behavior (again) and he got JUN EXC1, BM4 and JUNIOR WINNER-10 titel! Overall Sunday was very good day for tibetan mastiffs; judge really checked all dogs, she didn't want to give exc to dogs that were too massive, too much wrinkles, who didn't move healthy etc. I was very pleased that normal working dogs won and especially junior winner female Virpi's Chena did great! Big congratulations to both of them! And huge congratulations also to BOB and BOG2 Jyrä and his owners Teija and Tarja! Here is PR's review: " Only 9 months old. Excellent type & size. Correct proportions. Excellent male head. Uneven under teeth. Very beautiful neck. Correct shaped chest. Excellent bones & angulations. Correct tail. Correct hip. Promising fur. Typical way to move."

Puppies are growing and I've heard their greetings. Boys are guarding more than girls but everyone is very loving and calm with their own people. On Monday last week I heard some really bad news about Ruffa from Sweden. She had fever and Monika took her to veterinarian clinic. She was in dangerous situation and we didn't know would she make it alive or not. After several hours and several tests they find out that she had been bleeding massive amount of blood into her stomach. Ruffa was so close to death for several days that I myself begin to think that she would not make it. But she proof me wrong :) She is home now and after many days at hospital, after many tests they find out no illness but bad trauma that had propably caused from massive strike from outside. So, no more rough plays for Ruffa, no more climbing into fences. She is taken to hospital now and then to check her blood but now we are very optimistic and hoping that she is well again. Get well soon "baby monster" Ruffa and patience for Monika. I know how energetic your girl can be :)
This spring I'm taking PR to some dogs hows. Let's see if his behavior continues this good.


It's snowing! Dogs are very happy about this but I don't think that it's going to last for long before melts away. PR has been introducing himself at puppyshows and now it's time to move on bigger ring. We had 3xBOB-puppy, 1xBOS-puppy, 1xBOG3 and 1xBIS3!
We've also had to hear some very sad news from our litter. Aman-girl died at Universal Veterinary school at 4th of September with very strange symptoms. Luckily (and big thank you to the owner) Aman was send to autopsy and it revealed that she had eaten rat poison. When and where we don't know but it's very sad for the family for the loss of their precious little girl so suddenly :( we will all miss her...


This weekend was full of dog shows. Yesterday we were at Orivesi puppy show. Judge was Mrs Irina Poletaeva and there was also Aku puppy at the ring. Aku was puppy class second and PR was first and he got hp and was bos puppy. Here are reviews from boys; Aku " Good bones, good proportion. Good head. Little bit too light eyes. Good chest and upperline. Excellent chest. Good angulated. Moves well. Temperament could be better." And PR " Good type and bones. Good head. Excellent expression and pigmentation. Good neck and upperline. Excellent forechest. Good legs and movement. Promising fur."

Today we were at lgd show and judge was our main judge Mrs Marja Talvitie. I had with me PR and Remu and Linda brought our Mustang to the show also. Day was excellent for us. PR bob-puppy and BIS3 puppy! Remu champion class vg and Mustang intermediate class vg. Here are reviews: PR " Excellent type and proportion. Correct shape of the head, should still get broader. Good ears. Excellent neck and upperline. Good model of the body, needs to fill more. Excellent angulations in front but loose elbows. Correctly twisting tail. Excellent angulations in back. Moves well when looking at side, little bit too narrow at the back. Getting a good fur. Pleasant behavior. Bite should get more moderate."
Remu " Gives slightly low legged impression with long hip. Good head and face. Excellent body. Enough angulation in front and well angulated in back. Good tail. Summercoat, coming a good fur. Behavior well-balanced. Excellent expression and ears. Moves well."
And Mustang " Very happy, proportion and leg tallness is good. In a middle of develop. A young male with a little bit too short and flat chest. Long and slightly too light muzzle, narrow skull. Eyes should be darker. Good neck and back. Slightly too downward hip. Slightly too low attach, enough twisted tail. Excellent quality of the fur. Moves well." It is always nice to hear that judge, who knows the breed very well, is interested breeds original looks, behavior and type. WELL DONE BOYS!


Autumn is here and it's showing it's bright colors at our forest. Dogs are getting their warm winter fur on.
Today Aku-puppy was at our place and playing with PR. And they sure did have a great time! Both boys are looking more and more like their father. We have got a lot of puppy pictures but the more the better.
Here are review from 1.8.2010 held puppyshow by Mökö: "Good size male. Head needs to develop with in the age. Little bit too much loose skin under neck. Excellent bite. Strong body, strong bones. Pretty open eyes. At this stage of the growth narrow behind, upperline needs to get more tight." Puppy class 3rd.
Ruffa has also made a great result over the bay, here is one review from SVKTR tibetan breeds show, held at 24.7.2010, judge was Uchi Eissner from Austria: "Very nice head with typical expression. Scissorsbite. Dark eyes. Good earset. Strong bones. Good angulations. Moves well. Good tailset and carriage. Good behaviour" BOB-puppy BIS1 puppy!

At this side of the bay the most biggest discussion has been our nepalian import Kailas Chilime "Mustang". He has healthy eyes, hips A/A and elbows 0/0. Mustang succeed MH-test with excellent result: little ghosts and noises couldn't fool nepalian boy and everyone was amazed how he was so open and happy all the time. After MH-test there has been a lot of inquiries for Mustang -which is always a good thing.
PR is going into couple of puppy shows at this autumn just for practise.


This summer has been very different; a lot of hot and dry but also few big storms. Dogs have survied from these very well, should I say better then us humans. We spent midsummer at Denmark in World Winner 2010 with my friend Mari and boys Tessu and Remu. We didn't get anything but it's always nice to meet new tm people around the world and we had a great trip!

Puppies have grown very much and it's now time to make their own photo galleries, there are still few puppies that are missing from gallery but when I get new photos I'll update gallery.
From Sweden we can hear very good news; Ruffa is growing to be a great looking lady who is little bit rascal at kennel Bod Khyi household. Ruffa has also had success in the puppy classes, and best result from these is definetly Tibetan Breeds dog show in July, where she was puppies BIS1! Great result and congratulations Monika and Ruffa!
We had our first puppy show 1st of August, judge were Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari. There were Aku, Mökö and PR. Results were excellent; Aku puppy class 4th, Mökö puppy class 3rd and PR puppy class 1st, BOB-PUPPY and BOG3! Great result from all of the puppies and their handlers! At the puppy show there were as a turist also Liina girl who had her first time at the big city. She was little bit afraid but still happy! You can see photos from these events at the gallery.
Here are the reviews from boys 1.8.2010
Aku: "Good sized male puppy with enough sex. Head needs to develop still. At this stage narrow under jaw, right sized body and bones. Little bit slope pelvis. Correct fur quality for a puppy. Front movements need to develop."
PR: "Beautiful line, excellent head and expression. Correct body propotions. At this stage acceptable bite. Excellent bones and well-balanced, good angulations. Correct topline and tail. Excellent sex. Moves well."


Summer and flies -or should I say mosquitoes. Tessu's puppies have had great success in Sweden and Remu's Lumi daughter has had success here in Finland. Fathers can be very proud of thier puppies and big thank you goes also breeders: to Monika in Sweden and to Tarja in Finland! Remu is shedding, Tessu has very minor shedding. PR still has his baby coat on. He is turning 16 weeks next week and is getting another vaccination. It seems that only few weeks ago those puppies were small babies, now they are little rascals doing everything what they are not suppose to do! New families have been very satisfied to their new puppies. It's always great to hear that puppies and new families get along just fine.


Time flies very fast; tomorrow puppies turn 11 weeks! All the puppies have new, loving and good homes. Ruffa (Ache Lhamo) has gone to Sweden, Lilith (Ar-Nag) travelled long way to Norway, Aman lives in Lahti, PR (A-Kar) is staying at this moment at our place, Aku (A-Nu-Na) lives in Saarijärvi, co-owned Liina (A-Mtshar) is living at Kangasniemi and Mökö (A-Tsi) is living at Virtasalmi. I wish many healthy years for these puppies and patience and sence of humor for their owners!
Ronja is shedding very much, boys have just started to shed their fur off.


Happy Easter! And Big Congratulations to Tessu who has his 7th birthday today! Happy Birthday emperor and our sweet boy Tessu! Tessu had very good birthday present; today his daughter Bod Khyi Skarma Polaris gained SE CH title by the age of little over 2 years! Excellent news and congratulations to Polaris breeder and owner Monika! Last weekend we had our Finnish speciality and it went fine. Remu won Champion class and was bm2. Tessu became second in champion class and become bm3. There were 36 tm's attended. It was very nice to see judge who appreciated good movements and original looks above anything else! Remu's daughter Lumi was at Kemijärvi dog show last weekend and it was a big success! She was best female1, cac, bob and BOG2! Huge congratulations to Lumi's breeder and owner Tarja!
We've had rain couple days and big dogs aren't that happy about it. Puppies don't mind rain at all. Tomorrow they turn 7-weeks and 2 of them are already leaving to new homes to watch over livestock. Last week we had final vet examinations and liver tests. They were all negative so puppies have healty livers. There is still 1 very promising b&t female available due cancellation.


Puppies are now over 5 weeks old. They are growing very fast and every day is new adventure for them. DNA-test results came and Remu has 1+1 and rest puppies are Tessu's. So this means that historical first finnish double mating has been successful! There is 1 b&t female available due cancelled reservation.


Yesterday we had first vet checking day and we also made dna-tests and puppies were microcipped. We are expecting results for next week. Luckily puppies very fast growing period is slowing down and they are tasting some small amounts of puppy food couple times a day. There is 1 female available.


Time flies very fast when you are watching puppies. They are now 2,5 weeks old and weighes are between 1750gr and 1960gr. Everyone knows how to eat puppy food, their eyes opened last week and everyone is walking on their own feet. There is still available 1 male and 1 female.
Tessu has been chosen BEST TIBETAN MASTIFF OF THE YEAR 2009! We are very impressed and happy about this. Way to go Tessu!


Puppies are born 15.2.2010! Mother and puppies are doing fine. There are 8 hubby puppies; 5 b&t girls, 1 golden boy and 2 b&t boys. More information on puppies page.


Weather has been very nice to tm's: there is a lot of snow and cold enough. Ronja has had couple hot spots since I've kept her too much inside. Yesterday we were at the vet to check her since she's been itching a lot. Everything is okay and hot spots are healing just fine. Now we are waiting for puppies to be born. We heard excellent news from Sweden: from Tessu's first litter blue girl called Aquila became Swedish Champion just after she became 2-years. What an marvellous news. We can thank you for Aquila's breeder and owner Monika for such a great result!


Ronja's stomach is getting in the way and she has decided to fell down all her beautiful black fur. Stomach is naked and sides are shedding really strongly. We've had cold and dogs are enjoying their time at the snowy forest. Seems to me that Remu is loosing his weight a little bit which is always nice to hear. After all we are talking about chubby-Remu.


Week ago Remu's golden girl Lumi was at the Kajaani international dog show. She became jun exc1, bf2, res-cac. Excellent news and big congratulations to Lumi and Tarja! Today we were with Viivi-corgi and Tessu at the Lahti group dog show. This was Viivi's debyt show and she was puppy class4. Very promising start for this young girl. Tessu was at very slippery floor ch exc2, bm3. Thank you for Maiju for helping me at the show. At the ring we could find also feminine junior class sisters Helga and Luna. These girls both got jun class vg3 and jun class vg4.
At home Ronja is growing her stomach and is very pleased herself for getting this much attention. We will try not to spoil her too much :)


Ronja is very pregnant indeed! We are happy to announce that puppies are expected to be born in week 6/2010! Ultrasound showed that there were plenty puppies inside Ronja!


Cold winter continues and we get more and more snow. We've seen sun now and then so weather is great at this moment. Dogs are sleeping indoors but daytime they are playing as normal in the snow. Ronja's ultrasound is getting closer, I'm a little bit excited if this is going to be success or not. Yesterday we had field-puppy called Thelma visiting us; she played very well with big boys. We didn't let her to play with Topi or Ronja, just in case.


Very cold and lots of snow. This is the time what tibetan mastiffs are made for; cold and snow. I can see from our dogs that they really love this time! Ronja's ultrasound is closer, we are eagerly waiting if there is little tibetan mastiff puppies! For all we wish a Happy New Years Eve and Delightful Year 2010!


Very cold winter time when Christmas is arriving. Ronja's heat has taken very long time but finally today she has been mated be artificial insemination. With this we are hoping double mating to be successful. Ultrasound will be at the second week of January. We were at messari this weekend; results from both days were very insignificant for us. On Saturday Tessu ch exc4, Remu ch vg. On Sunday (with a finnish judge) Tessu ch vg and Remy ch exc. If this trend continues there is no choice than just stay at home with our dogs. I value much more healthy, original looks than some massive, furry and loose skin giant. Big thank you to my friends Laura (and Mauno), Ankku and Linda for helping at the show :)


Lousy weather continues. All the beautiful white snow has melted away. Ronja has started her heat and now we are waiting for the right days to come so that mating can be done. Yesterday was Jyväskylä INT dog show and Remu's golden female puppy Namahu's Ang-Ki Chii made a debyte at that show. Lumi was jun exc2, bf4! Excellent news for this self-confident young female. Congratulations to her breeder Tarja :)


Lousy weather. It's raining all the time or if it's not raining it's just really, really wet weather. Dogs and people are waiting for snow to arrive! Ronja has been very depressed since Viking left. One of the reasons were that she had unusual ear infection, nothing like we've seen before. Now it's gone better and next week we only have to go to the vet for ear checking. We are expecting heat on next month, in the middle of November. Ronja is so exact on this matter that I believe her heat to start on 14th-16th day. Let's see what happens :) Boys are interested on Ronja's smells but not too much yet, so best is still to come.


So the day came when Viking left us and moved to his own home to kennel Bod Khyi. Monika and Ulf picked him up last Sunday and to be honest we were very sad when this "little" rascal left us. But luckily he's got now his own home and own girls at Sweden! Like a seventh heaven for Viking :) Week ago on Sunday we had Finnish Tibetan Mastiff club unofficial color speciality at Lahti. There were little over 30 dogs entered. Tessu was second best at champion class b&t males, Remu was best golden and BIS4 and Viking was best b&t puppy and BIS2 puppy! What a great start for young boy at his coming show career! After Viking left Topi and Ronja has been searching for him, boys are happy that they can sleep now and no one is harassing them.
Yesterday we entered for a lifestock guardian dog show. There were only 3 tibetan mastiffs entered, maybe 40-50 other lgd dogs. Remu was bm2, Tessu was BOB and for a great suprise BIS! Tessu was moving excellent, there were a lot of females in heat in front of him :)


Autumn is coming and sad to say, viking is going to his own home to Sweden any day now. I always thought that I'm not going to attach to dog who is moving away in a while but look what happened. I will get sad when our little super-energetic boy is going to Monika's place.
We've had very busy week. At Wednesday Tessu and I were at Opvet-clinic to collect sperm into freezing. Quality and amount were excellent although Tessu is over that recommended age of getting sperm into freezer. We should have known that Tessu suprised us -again!
On Saturday morning Tessu, I and Viking drove to Helsinki into dog show. Tessu was BOB and Viking was observing situation. After that we went into Myrskylä, kennel Zeriida's place and stayed there over night. Boys had wonderful time playing with Susanne's girls. And a lot of new smells to boys noses!
At Sunday morning we went to Porvoo dog show and there were 22 tm's. Viking had a very bad start at the ring; loud speakers went on just when male puppies started and the noise was awfull! A lot of very loud and screaming noise came from speakers and a lot of dogs was afraid of that. Viking was so scarred that noise that he didn't want to raise his tail or run property. Still puppy class3, and good rewiev.Luckily when we left the show place, started Viking behave like he normally do and at home he just wanted to play with Topi. Tessu was excellent again, taking BOB.


I'll have to put stop for dogs to swim at the lake. Ronja has again hotspot, this time at her leg and side. She has already very much fur and she'd like to swim all day long at our cottage. Yesterday we were at Tervakoski int dog show: Tessu bos and Viking bos-puppy. We saw many good friends and best part was when Monika, Maria and Martin came and get so see their new baby Viking at the show ring. Also thanks to Laura who was babysitting beside the show ring!


Many things has happened at these last days. Topi got into accident and had many stiches into his back. Luckily he's now recovering and doing really fine. Monika visited us couple weeks ago and was looking her dog Viking and how he's been growing. We had fun time -as always! Last weekend there were two-day dogshow at Joensuu. Saturday was excellent: Tessu BOB (and only one who got exc) and Viking was BOS-PUPPY. Sunday didn't go as well as Saturday, since Tessu was totally naked. Tessu BM2, RES-CACIB and Viking BOS-PUPPY. I really have to be very satisfied to Viking; his behaviour and movements at the dogshow. He was very calm and relaxed all the time. Looking great at the ring! This was a good start for his career.
Today Ronja had official eye examination and result was clear eyes. No sight of any kind of herited decise. So this means that we are having puppies on this winter. More info will come as soon as possible to the puppies-site!


It's Auqust and very warm. Great news about Tessu's blue girls from Sweden. Both have been very successful at the shows this year and now both hips and elbows have been x-rayed. Results are excellent to read; Aquila hips A/A, elbows 0/0. Polaris hips B/B and elbows 0/0. So both are healthy girls. Big congratulations to their owner and breeder Monika from kennel Bod Khyi!


It's end of July and very hot. Dogs are lying all day long and we take them to the forest at evening when it's cooler. Tessu is shedding right now. Yesterday we were at Mikkeli INT dog show and there were 14 tibetan mastiffs. Judge was from Latvija, Mrs Ligita Zake. She knows breed very well and Tessu was again BM1, CACIB, BOB! What can I say; we cannot expect anything else from this victorious dog. I'm happy to see that there are still 90% of judges who likes this old, genuine tibetan mastiff style. At the past century dogs sizes has grown too much, there have become too much fur, also too much loose skin and wrinkles. Soon tibetan mastiffs looks like long haired neapolitan mastiff! Luckily there are still these judges who knows the breed like yesterday. She told us that she wants to see that eastern, original looks in the tibetan mastiffs head which is reall good. I've seen many dogs which has too round eyes and not eastern expression at all.
We had a pleasant day and I want to thank all of those who were with us at the tent; Linda, Kati, Tarja and Helena. Also special thanks to Ankku who was baby and dogsitting at the show.
I had Viking also there and he behaved very well, he was sleeping almost all the time. Only time when he wasn't so happy was when Mustang tried to come and make too close friendship with him. Other than that he was acting like a pro at the show.


Weather has been changing all the time; it's raining very hard and next second sun is shining with total power. This is so finnish summer! Everyone else is naked by now, but not Tessu. I think that he's going to keep his fur, you'll never know if winter will began in the august. We had friends visiting us from Sweden; Monika from kennel Bodkhyi (Viking's mother) and Jane from kennel Duretto's. It was so delightful to see both of them and spend a weekend with them. Today we had a great day at the dogshow at Laukaa. Tessu was BOB and BIG3! Many thanks to Monika and Jane for the weekend and special thanks to Laura -who took care of Alina at the show and for Saara who helped me with the dogs.


We had some very warm days and now it's so cold. Nights are below zero degrees! Ronja is almost naked by now, I've had to cut her fur out of her legs and paws since there came hot spot. She has invented a new play with Viking. Put all toys into waterbowl and after that put all your legs into that same water. No wonder she has hot spot at her leg! Remu has started to shed, no those kind of sings at Tessu's fur. Viking is growing up very fast; he is now 28kg's and 60,5cm's at the age of 5 months. Kennel Bod Khyi Monika and Ulf were here visiting us this weekend with Tessu's daughter Polaris. She sure looks more and more like Tessu. And she is a strong and big girl! It was nice to see Monika and Ulf although we had busy all the time.


Spring is coming now very fast and dogs are shedding. Last days has been very busy at our place; we had visitors from kennel Bod Khyi; Monika and Maria were here and they bring us a tibetan mastiff boy for a garantine. He is called Viking and is bred by kennel Sierras' from US. He is very relaxed person and makes all sort of funny things and of course teases older dogs. Every dog here has taken him very well, although boys were hoping that Monika would have taken him to Sweden already. It was very great to see old friends Monika and Maria, and they are welcome here very soon again!


Almost all the snow has melt away, I'm waiting that lakes would melt from thick ice layer also, then it would be easier to keep dogs running free. Remu and Ronja had a small fight over a bone, or they just had a fight over nothing. Result: big vet bill and now Remu don't have any fur left on his head. Hopefully he knows now that he cannot win fight when Ronja is the other one. Ronja is shedding really badly, Remu is starting and Tessu will keep his fur for a long time. Happy Labor Day to all!


Spring is coming and all snow is melting away. Happy Easter to all!


Tessu turns 6 years today. Big congratulations to the leader of our pack!


Spring is coming and dogs started to shed. Ronja first, boys are still keeping their fur on. Yesterday was Finnish Tibetanmastiff Club Spaciality at Tuulos, judge was Mr Petrus Roosenboom from Belgium. Tessu made a big suprise by winnig it all: he was ch exc1, bm1, bob and best born in Finland. Remu did also very well by beeing ch exc3. Thanks to Laura for help and congrats to all winners!


All puppies from Daki & Remu-litter has got new homes at kennel Namahu's. I wish all of them very healthy and long life. We have little bit cold or then couple degrees warm and dogs don't enjoy it so much because it's getting very wet. Although beautiful and warm sun makes dogs run toghether and play all day long. After play they all sleep side by side outdoors. Ronja's claw problem is getting better and I took all dogs except Tessu to the vet to get their vaccinations done. No more new vaccinations at this year.


Happy Valentine's Day! Still snow and dogs have time of their life. Poor Ronja cut her claw couple weeks ago and now we had to go to the vet to cut the claw off. She isn't happy about her new look at her paw but she will have to be indoors over week now. Some great news too; Remu became father!!! Daki gave birth to 3 healthy golden puppies; 2 males and 1 female. All are doing fine and puppies are big ones. They are really sweet and you can see photos of those cuties at kennel Namahu's webpage. There is available one golden male if you are looking for real sweet and good behaving puppy :)


We have cold weather and lot of snow -dogs seem to enjoy it very much. Today I had conformation that Remu is going to be a father. Daki had ultrasound today and I'm waiting what kind of cuties there are coming! More info about this litter you can find from kennel Namahu's webpage.


Our lives changes totally 20.12.2008 when our family had newest member; little baby girl. After her arrival we've had very busy days. Dogs have taken her into our family in a very good way, actually I have to wonder now and then do they really realize that this small one is human. We are spending new year's eve at home; dogs and baby are inside when rockets are banging.
We are wishing everyone happy new year 2009 and thanking all those who has send us cards, gifts and txt's.


Yesterday was our annual Winner 2008 dogshow. I was very nervous because Tessu didn't had had handler before but everything went well -actually Tessu seemed to move better with Laura than with me. Both boys got EXC from champion class which is okay because there were over 50 dogs in the ring. Judge seemed to like more Ronja-type. I wasn't so happy to see that movements weren't so much payed attention but for example judge measured juniorclass males which is not so relevant thing. All of those males are going to grow from that size...
Well at least we got to see Tessu's 2 beautiful blue girls Aquila and Polaris! Thank you to Monika and Maria for showing girls at Tessus homeground. Aquila got EXC and Polaris VG. Tessu was very pleased to see both of them also. Thank you to boys handlers Linda and Laura too for a great job!


We have snow even a little bit and dogs seem to enjoy it very much. Ronja's heat is finally over and peace and quiet have come again into our house. Remu's bride was here at Tuesday-Wednesday. Daki was ready and so was Remu, except that Remu was little bit too anxious. Finally we decided to use veterinary help on Wednesday morning and now hopefully all little Remu's are inside Daki. Now we have exciting 5 weeks to ultrasound to see did we succeed. You can see results also from Tarja's homepage Namahu's . Thank you for patience to Tarja and Daki.


Yesterday was big Jyväskylä INT dogshow. Judge wasn't actually that good, I've got no idea what he was looking for dogs. Nothing what so ever. I must be really happy that Remu did good; ch exc2, bm4. Remu was smallest and he really did behave in the show ring like pro dogs should do. There were couple females who didn't place at all that I was little confused, those females should have been placed but no. Well these things happen and next time we will pick up different judge.
Remu's dna-tests arrived, now all I have to do is to pick them up from the post office... Yesterday we had a snow storm and now all the land is white -dogs love it!


Boys bloodtest results arrived. I'm real happy to inform that liver tests were normal ( both had normal liver shunt values). Thyroid test TAB showed that both had negative results what comes risk of getting inherited low thyroid. TSH were normal on both boys, free T4 was little low on both boys but it's still okay since all other tests were normal. Based on these results it's easier to go on breeding healthy tm's.


Ronja started her heat today, just in a same day as last year! Now boys will have to calm down and I'll take them to grandmother's place for couple of weeks.


It's raining all day long, hopefully it starts to snow sometime so that dogs wouldn't be wet all the time. Remu and Ronja don't mind about the rain, so their fur is wet all the time. We are waiting for Ronja's heat and if I can read boys signs right heat should start any day now. I was with Remu and Tessu at the vet on Monday, we took blood tests from both of them. Vet took big thyroid tests and liver tests from both of the boys just in case. Results are coming in a week or two.

2.-3.11.2008 Repovesi

We were camping at Repovesi with Remu. Although cable bridge frightened me more than it did to Remu, we had great time. Weather was little cold and rainy but it didn't matter. Thanks to my working colleegs and special thanks to Maiju who always is willing to come and take care of our dogs :)

31.10.2008 - Show news from Tromso, Norway

We were at international dog show 19th of October at Tromso, Norway. Remu became Norwegian and Scandinavian Champion. Judge was Mrs Diane T Anderson from USA.

9.1.2008 - Puppies sired by Tessu born!

Puppies born at the Bod Khyi -kennel in Sweden today by Tessun (Of Zlazano Am-Ban) and Astin (Durettos Snow-Crisp)! More information from the Bod Khyin website, http://www.bodkhyi.se/


15-16.12.2007 - Nordic Championship Show Stockholm

Tessu Best Male II and res. CACIB. We wish that there wold have been carpets to run on, but better luck next time...