P u p p i e s :

No puppies available.
Next puppy plans are for winter 2012-2013


If you are interested about this litter, I will gladly tell you more by email. Puppies are sold with register papers, dewormed (several times), microchips, dna-tests and of course vet has checked them first. Puppies will leave us after they turn 8 weeks. We have two small children at our family, so puppies will be socialized very well to children and other animals. Puppy buyers have a lifetime long support from breeder. For foreign puppy buyer it's possible to ship puppies by airplane but I'd like to meet you before shipping.

When you are considering a tibetan mastiff puppy, you need to consider with care the needs of the breed regarding among other things, it's habitat and surroundings. Puppies are sold to homes, where they will have own yards to guard.