A b o u t   u s :

We live at the place called Konginkangas, middle of Finland on a country side. We are surrounded by forest and fields although we have neighbours pretty near. My parents have a summer cottage nearby so that is a good place to take dogs swimming in the summer (although tm’s don’t swim) in to the beautiful lake called Keitele.

Our family consists of me Elena, my fiancé Jani, our daughter Alina -who is born at the end of year 2008, son Eetu, born at July 2011 and 5 dogs, 2 cats, salt water aquarium and rabbits and few hamsters. Our house has been under construction since 2005, hopefully Jani is saticfied into houses current size and appearance so that we wouldn’t have to make changes all the time. At year 2009 we started to built carage building which contains also room for the dogs. Now, year 2016 we are (well Jani is) bulding again, new and bigger house for dogs and rabbits. Dogs will have their own entrence from dogsyard to indoors so they can choose themselves weather stay in-or outdoor.


We moved into village called Räihä 2003 when we had 2 dogs; Topi German Shepherd born 2002 and Tibetan Mastiff Tessu born 2003. Remu came to us at very dark January evening 2005 and Ronja came to us after a long waiting at March 2006. PR was born here and he stayed at our place. After our first gsd Top passed away 2013, Urho came to us on autumn 2013. Tessu - the emperor passed away autumn 2014 and Karma came to us at spring 2015.

Why the Tibetan Mastiff?
German Shepherds have been into my life for a very long time, but I wanted to have a dog that is weatherproof, who manage outside and doesn’t require so much activity that GSD does. Because my work takes my time a lot I don’t have so much free time to train dogs. Also I don’t like dogs that dribble so that narrowed those big LGD dogs into minimum. So I decided to Tibetan Mastiff which said to incorruptible guardian, loyal to it’s family and rather healthy. Also it’s primitive nature was fascinated and the fact that not every one had same breed.

Having a Tibetan Mastiff at our family has brought many surprises into our lives. All of them had not been so nice surprises; like nightly barking, running away from 2 meter high fence, scaring neighbours, holes at our back yard etc. When you live with tm you should take relaxed, laugh and have patience. The patience is something what we try to fix every day. :)


Goals and ideals
Tibetan Mastiffs are very primitive animals, which has it’s own will. They aren’t suppose to be active, too energy, sore, nervous or aggressive. All of these things are quite revealing, so character is propably the thing that spokes people at the most. On my opinion Tibetan Mastiff shoud be stable, primitive and a guardian that know it’s own value. It’s not fit to everyone and all people are certainly not fit to Tibetan Mastiffs –to the emperor.

The ideal Tibetan Mastiff is quite robust, agile, strong boned and has good angulations. Dog also needs to have good weatherpfoor middle lenght coat, bristle and “trousers” are longer coat. At the summer time dog drops almost all of it’s coat and looks then more or less mongerel. Slightly narrow, bended eastern eyes are common to this breed. Tail sets to the back rather spongy, although I like better tight tails.

The ideal Tibetan Mastiff is healthy what comes to it’s character and physics. Dog lives at the family where it’s prized on it’s own being and can carry out it’s natural instincts be guarding it’s own yard. This is a thing that many people cannot understand nowadays and unfortunately Finnish laws also limits these dogs working possibilities.

There isn’t so much free time after work and dogs. Jani has his own endless rally car project and he doesn’t pay attention to dogshow etc. I'm studying again, so I'm more home now than I've been at last 16 years.


Other pets (not ready!)

Urho -our german shepherd

Our cats Matti and Teppo

Nowadays we only have 1 aquarium and it's saltwater

I breed dwarf lops and netherland dwarfs - you can enter that homepage from here (sorry only in finnish).